Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Lady Alex Shows The Color of Her Grace

LADY ALEX EMERGED FROM HER SINISTER HALPERIN HYPNOTIC TRANCE to guest-host The Last Word (Without) Lawrence, sporting trimmed locks and a healthier rapport with the non-Beltway truth. She even ventured to speak it, saying Romney had lied. But Lawrence is an oasis where the truth can be spoken without equivocation or corporate right wing agendas.

The test will come when Alex returns, squeezed by relentless peer pressure from Republican Lite Moron Joe (where the corruption of Lady Alex may have begun) to corporate Beltway propagandists Chuckles Toddy, GOP suck-up Luke 'The Force Is Not With Me' Russert, and the Grande Dame of the Washington Establishment, Andrea Mitchell, whose studio is the site of a perennial parade of 'OAMs' — permanent campsite of the corporate pro-Romney GOP Establishment, 'Occupy Andrea Mitchell' regulars Reince Priebus, Haley Barbour, John Sununu, Nicole Wallace, Kevin Madden, Vin Weber, et al. And how can we forget the High Priest of the Beltway Media, David Gregory, a one-man truth-shattering wrecking ball.

It's a remarkable thing, how, in this Olympic-sized absence of corporate conservative Beltway Media filters (above), the truth will spontaneously break out in vibrant colors and a clearing fog. As the song goes, "I can see clearly now, the rain has gone." I liken it to the passing of a destructive hurricane, when the air is crisp and clean for the briefest of moments, and the cause of the destruction of our capacity to process decisively important political news is revealed in sharp relief as the Beltway Media veil is lifted. Sadly, we can hardly savor it for long before the nightmarish status quo ante returns after Sunday's Closing Ceremonies. (Do you suppose this unfiltering process of spontaneous truth outbreak, writ large, is why some pine for the Olympics never to end?)

But still, the moment is instructive to compare how much clearer the truth becomes absent these conservative corporate filters. Which begs the question, "why then submit to their relentless ratings-driven propaganda and misinformation?" Because they feed us the crumbs, an occasional kernel of the truth or a liberal point of view to compel the misguided to the misconception that these kernels are indispensable to our overall understanding of the truth. They're not, of course. But one thing the political TV Machine is extra good at is luring us into their web of deceit.

But I was speaking of Lady Alex. She closed with a fine commentary the other night. When the air was crisp and she grasped the truth vibrating with the awful color of hate.

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