Monday, August 06, 2012


ANOTHER HATE CRIME TERRORISTIC SHOOTING IN THE WILD WEST UNCIVILIZED NATION that harbors more firearms than people, freely supplies and arms international drug cartels, criminals, terrorists, and right wing homicidal haters like the gunman who committed another slaughter at a Sikh temple, and whose preferred presidential candidate of the uncivilized crazies proudly trumpets taking existing healthcare away from women and denying it to more than 30 million of our fellow citizens.

Amazingly, one psycho wingnut noted that more people are gunned down every day in Chicago than were killed at the Sikh temple. Exactly right. So what's your point, bloodthirsty right wing ratbastard — since the victims and perpetrators are mostly people of color, they don't count?!

The right wing neo-fascist traitors are to blame for this continuing carnage and gun madness: the Tea Party, right wing radio — specifically Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, Noory, Jones, and their legion of sicko bigoted imitators — FOX, the Republican Party (all of it!), the MSM/Beltway Media (you know who you are), the Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson, the right wing Supreme Court, and the entire panoply of profoundly un-American extremists on the fascist right.

We must ask ourselves: what country is this, that can produce such a scientific and technological marvel as the Curiosity-Mars mission, yet is incapable of recognizing and accepting the science of Global Warming. A country whose right wing opposition traitors pursue a policy of inflicting DELIBERATE harm to our economic recovery for political gain.

what kind of country is this?!

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