Monday, April 23, 2012

Quotable: Is There Such A Thing As An Adorable Wingnut?

YES! S.E. CUPP ON THE MARTIN BASHIR SHOW. Here's S.E. in one of her cute blushing moments, standing up for MORE! MUCHO MACHO MEN in the Secret Service:

“The idea that women are somehow above this (ahem, Secret Service extra-curricular activity) kind of stuff, I can prattle off a long list of women who have fallen prey to immoral behavior — we are not above it, trust me!

MARTIN: “S.E. thank you, thank you for being so honest …”

S.E.: [Blushing … she blushes easily, having walked right into the notorious BASHIR BUZZSAW, credited with having unhinged the wicked wench, Dana LASH.]

Aw, Martin … save it for the wench. S.E. is much too adorable; I really think she’s redeemable. And she’s a good sport to take the gentle teasing of a liberal panel; S.E. knows she’s got issues, and is trying hard to work through them. It’s the first step to recovery! Just ask your buddy, Dylan.

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