Wednesday, April 25, 2012

If The Gong Don't Work, Massage 'EL LOCO DEE-LAN' Ego: "Dylan Ratigan For President"...

YIKES! BUT OUR BRILLIANT ALEX WAGS got Martin Bashir's reclamation project grinning from ear to ear, having achieved our objective with her gift for wit. I was going, whenever he opens his mouth: 'get this walking exemplar of sophistry to STFU, already!' (Alex, incidentally, your "and on the fifth day, he rested" rejoinder was excellent. Good intra-Catholic joke, duly noted.) Only Ratigan gets Martin to drop his jaw with that priceless dumbfounded look, rendered temporarily speechless. I totally understand, Martin.

But the "Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn" of cable broadcasting? Hardly. Please, Alex — it's more like James Bond versus Ernst Stavro Blofeld. And one more thing, Blofeld, you pompous, IGNORANT ass. Here are the brief facts, and we can go into all the detail you're too scared to indulge in: The greatest expansion of our middle class, prosperity for all citizens, educational opportunities, scientific innovations, stock market growth, lifting people out of poverty, health care and a dignified retirement for our seniors has been achieved under LIBERAL, PROGRESSIVE government! So don't give us your sophistic false equivalence riff on the "failure" of liberal government.

Ratigan, you're a fucking LIAR and a SOPHIST of the worst kind. And your promotion of Teabagger nihilism leading up to the 2010 midterms, halting the President's capacity to carry out his program, then hypocritically lambasting him for being so much talk and no action (a clever attack line because we know you loathe him), is completely unforgivable. You're a disgrace, Dylan, a fool who obviously knows little about government — except that you don't like it — and even less about history. In fact, you're a perfect example of our present anti-government Republican/Libertarian driven crisis in education. Tragically so. For us, not you. Because your anarchic ignorance on matters affecting the body politic has kept us in the Fox-wingnut-Libertarian lurch. You've never gotten your screwed-up stealth Libertarian agenda past me, pal. Unfortunately, there are too many on my side, who still don't get it, suffering from excessive grasp-at-straws niceness toward those of your ilk. Congratulations, Dylan, for actively participating in the destruction of our country.

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