Friday, April 27, 2012

Bill-O The Clown Smears Andrea Mitchell On Standards of Journalism?!

THAT'S RICH. FALAFEL-FACE BILL O'REILLY, paragon of anti-journalism, taking a cheap shot at Andrea Mitchell, one of the finest TV journalists in the nation?! Bill O'Reilly, carney crier supreme, you're not in Andrea's league, so don't even try, pal.

 For the record, when I criticized "no excuses-Andrea" for not asking more "pertinent and incisive questions about the safety of Gulf seafood," I felt in this instance, on the substance, that Andrea wasn't up to her usual standards of excellence, which are head-and-shoulders above her colleagues. To use a horseracing metaphor: when the class of the field loses a race that she was supposed to win in a walk, observers will say she had "no excuses." It only happens to those whose quality and pedigree tower above the competition.

That's Andrea. Not only is she in a professional class of her own, but she's a GREAT LADY and a class act in every other respect. Good on the ever gallant Galahad Martin Bashir for standing up for his colleague, and our friend, Andrea.


Anonymous said...

After "Journalist" Andrea Mitchell" said "we" the other day when referring to NBC and its "partner" the White House, would you like to rewrite this column?

Carlos said...