Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pennsylvania Rising: Early Bellwether Dem Races, RISE OF THE ANGRY WOMEN?!

This NYT story may send Chris's head spinning and/or knock him off the exercise machine if he's not hanging on — as he reads:
WASHINGTON — The defeat of two conservative House Democrats by more liberal opponents in Tuesday’s Pennsylvania primary illustrates the strong hold the new health care law still has over committed Democratic voters and foreshadows an even more polarized Congress next year in the aftermath of the latest round of redistricting.
Oops. Chris's precious "centrists" have incurred the IRE of his Pennsy paisans, despite his best Beltway efforts to swell the Party ranks with reactionary red (for red state) DINOs responsible for killing the health care law in the Supreme Court. Isn't it ironic, Chris, that all the pompous grief you gave liberals or ("as they call themselves") progressives with your "we-know-best, KILL the public option" riff (against our insistence that the public option was the best policy outcome, under the circumstances) has delivered to the extremists the opening they needed to KILL THE ENTIRE HEALTH CARE LAW IN THE SUPREME COURT?!

SIDEBAR QUESTION: What's the difference between a "centrist" and a "liberal" or the arrogant Beltway pejorative "lefty" used by the supercilious Beltway Media to demean us? (I ask again, Chris: would you call the Kennedy brothers, Truman and FDR "lefties"? If you're still pondering this question, don't bother; time to STFU, already.)

ANSWER: A "centrist" thinks that "TO CAVE" is synonymous with "reach across the aisle" and "compromise" with uncompromising Teabaggers, birthers, and neo-fascists who call us 'communists', while a so-called "lefty" understands that "TO CAVE" is an identifying characteristic of DINO politicians with day-glo yellow stripes down their backs, who refer to themselves in "quiet rooms" as "Mitt's Seamus Pack."

So Chris, In your stupid "we-know-best" Beltway hubris, you, Jon Alter and the Beltway elites, including President Obama who took your advice and didn't listen to us — all of you, are responsible for killing the health care law, as predicted by ... caveat — Chuckles, licking his chops with glee. [Cue in the slow, sarcastic applause.]
 But wait! There's still hope for crushing the right wing! Time to sidestep the Beltway/Idiot Punditocracy and appeal directly to the largest, most enlightened voting bloc in this country: women. For me, this analysis of Patrick Murphy's defeat for Attorney General is, strangely enough, the most interesting part of the Times' story, and also the most promising. Despite the backing of the PA Democratic Establishment, including MSNBC's prescription for insomniacs, former Penn Governor Ed Rendell, Patrick Murphy lost to a woman I'd never heard of. He was a great candidate with all the right positions. Hell, I liked him and so did Rachel. So what happened? Apparently, Patrick is the wrong gender:
"Angry women, still upset over measures like Pennsylvania’s efforts to mandate invasive ultrasounds before abortions. Former Representative Patrick Murphy had the backing of Mayor Michael A. Nutter of Philadelphia and former Gov. Ed Rendell in his quest to be Pennsylvania’s attorney general. He was expected to dominate Philadelphia and its suburbs, then knock off his Democratic rival, Kathleen Kane, a former Lackawanna County assistant district attorney. But Ms. Kane won with the backing of fed-up women."
OH, MY MY. Yo, Republicans, wingnuts, fascists, patriarchs all: don't lend women your ears or they'll likely be cut off. It's time to cower, quake in your bootsies, and be afraid, BE VERY AFRAID. Brace yourselves against the ATTACK OF THE ANGRY WOMEN. And this time it's no tweety little iPhone game. It's a vast testosterone tsunami — and it's comin' TO GETCHA!

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