Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Quotable: Former Nebraska (D - Stands For Good Guy) Senator Bob Kerrey

"If you don't have health care, freedom is a theory; it's not a reality."
~ Senator Bob Kerrey, the "Happy Warrior," is vying to reclaim his Nebraska U.S. Senate seat, coming out of retirement to buck scumbags like Karl Rove and the Koch brothers, and all the smears their unlimited, filthy, Supreme Court bag money can dump on him. Why? Because he's a patriot, and he wants to save our country from the fascist Republican devils and their ratbastard acolytes. My words, but it's the truth.

Senator Kerrey served as a Navy Seal in Vietnam. He lost the lower part of one leg in combat and was awarded the Medal of Honor. Senator Kerrey had this to say of "government" healthcare, the VA: "They saved my life."

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