Sunday, April 01, 2012

The Obama Rap: He's SEXY And They're Not ...

Whitebread paleface Republicanos/wingnuts simply can't match the President's moves, not to mention his charismatic sex appeal. It drives them redundantly nuts.

Speaking of wingnuts, the Treyvon Martin murder has them riffing that bottled-up racism now that they have a pretext for it. Anne Coulter joined the right's collective meltdown by comparing George Zimmerman's critics to the KKK. Gee, I wonder where Anne's latest hysterical line of attack originated:
"It's a lynch mob. This isn't how we try cases in this country and the last time you saw this sort of thing on a regular basis was of course again from the Democratic Party and the Democratic Party's outgrowth—the KKK."
Wrong, Coultergeist! The last time we saw this kind of thing, i.e. a hate crime, was (a) in the killing of Treyvon Martin, followed by (b) the arrest of a Klansman in a small Ohio town for pulling a gun on a black man and threatening to kill him, during a KKK "march." Gee, what a coincidence (now we know where Anne Coulter gets her "material"); and this happened only four days ago. No doubt, the weird bulimic giraffe-neck woman next will claim the Klan march was sponsored by Democrats seeking justice for Treyvon.

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