Monday, April 02, 2012

Michael Steele Debuts On Martin Bashir — CRAPS All Over The Joint ...


MEMO To Martin: I hope you were prepared for this; certainly I warned all of you, with mixed results. Yes, he's my "favorite" Republican insofar as his short-lived-one-election-cycle rules have done TBD DAMAGE to the Republican Party, no matter how much he spins it; and Michael is a good spinner. Martin, you got a taste of MSNBC's premier crapper in action: (a) Message discipline with the Big Lie; (b) filibustering everyone, even the host, so you can't contest what he's saying; until (c) the segment's time runs out — Michael's excellent internal clock, getting better with his sense of timing; and (d) sarcastic slo-mo laughter — ha ... ha ... ha ... ha — over the guest's response, so the viewers can hardly hear Krystal Ball's late seconds response to Michael's Big Lie, that President Obama never responded to the SERIAL/VIRAL drumbeat from the right of Reverend Wright's controversial sermonizing. EXCUSE ME?! Yo, Michael Man of Steele: What do you call a MAJOR SPEECH on the topic by the President — then candidate Obama?!

So Martin, consider yourself duly warned. You didn't salvage the segment, but at least it wasn't as bad as Chris's flameouts with The Steelenator. Still, we may need yet another Krystal Ball intervention:

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