Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Ratigan's House of Horrors: Say It Ain't So, Sam

Sam Seder is the latest profile in cowardly “progressives” to be neutered in the Ratigan House of Horrors. Here he is in a space and science segment with Doctor Neil DeGrasse Tyson:
“There’s been a very concerted effort … now I’m not going to say … I don’t want to get too political here … but there is a cohort, a cohort of a political party, even amongst the most educated whose faith in science has dropped over the past 10-20 years. What has accounted for that?

Frankly, there’s a specific political party that is out to demonize science in some ways, to undercut the faith in it as just (unintelligible) …”
COHORT?! At this point, Ratigan-the-blowhard quickly interjects to cut Sam off at the pass before he actually musters the political courage TO TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT THE REPUBLICAN PARTY! …:

“But don’t you think, Sam … [BLAH-BLAH-BLAH … mealy-mouthed GARBAGE]”: “The vacuum of the conspicuous science in our culture …?!” Even Dr. Tyson — the polite guest — thought this was over the top … Obviously, this “libertarian” jerk mostly speaks from another orifice than do NORMAL people.

MEMO To Sam Seder: CAN YOU SAY IT, IDIOT?! SAY IT! “THE REPUBLICAN PARTY!” And you call yourself a PROGRESSIVE?! WTF’s wrong with YOU?! Don’t want to “get too political, here”?! PLEASE. In case you hadn’t noticed, Sam, it’s a POLITICAL SHOW! Do you actually think the LIZARD KING knows anything about economics?! His agenda is clear: Trash government, trash the Democratic Party — the government party — trash President Obama, whom he LOATHES, deflect ANY criticism of the Republican Party — because it’s the party that will become the vehicle for destroying government his black “libertarian” heart craves — and keep ALL of you so-called “power” panelists under his thumb.

Interesting how the Lizard King throws in a couple of neutered “progressives,” a fake Democrat (Jimmy, the lobbyist with a cabin in the woods), Imogen the Brit airhead who knows NOTHING but is a pretty face with a famous surname (Ratigan likes to collect attractive women), and the rest of his libertarian/wingnut guests. Yeah, as if it’s an open exchange of ideas when the panelists are evidently under strict orders NOT TO MENTION THE REPUBLICAN PARTY in a negative light, unless the Democrats are presented in an equivalent negative way, WHICH IS A TOTAL BASTARDIZATION OF THE TRUTH. C’mon Sam. Say it ain’t so. Say you have free rein to speak the TRUTH about politics, only you won’t get invited back so often, like Karen Finney — the only progressive in your little cohort with some BALLS. (Ari, he’s had his moments elsewhere, but is noted for tossing snarky asides on the Alex Wags show.)

Go ask the American women, Dylan, not the ones on your “panel,” what they think of your hated President Obama and the Republican Party v. the Democratic Party, despite your incessant anti-Democratic crapaganda. Watch Rachel and maybe you’ll learn something about this country, pompous “libertarian” bubble boy. (And Dylan, show me one example where “libertarian” government has worked anywhere on this planet. Spitballing court jesters and frauds.)

The Ratigan images that stick in my mind are of him lazing around the pool barefoot in Florida, checking out the babes during his grandiose “50 million jobs” tour, and hosting the racist pseudo-academic Charles Murray, whose claims in his controversial tome, The Bell Curve, of a connection between genetics and intelligence were debunked by the American Psychological Association:
“There is certainly no such support for a genetic interpretation... . It is sometimes suggested that the Black/ White differential in psychometric intelligence is partly due to genetic differences (Jensen, 1972). There is not much direct evidence on this point, but what little there is fails to support the genetic hypothesis.”
Now he’s back with another ethnocentric right wing screed with the self-explanatory title: Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010. Delivering cloyingly condescending “advice” to those in the lower economic strata that they should emulate the rich, keepers of the values which made this country great, his “critique” of the upper class is that it “has lost self-confidence in the rightness” of the value system that brought it wealth and, instead of trumpeting the importance of hard work, religious faith, and family commitment, abides by “a set of mushy injunctions to be nice.”

Nice. Right. Apparently Murray bypassed the Wall Street “value system” that brought our economy to its knees and threw millions of hard-working lower and middle class Americans out of their homes. And apparently he hasn’t met the Koch brothers and the rest of those ratbastards who are buying REPUBLICAN sock puppet government through their SuperPac candy stores. It’s working, too. (See the Dr. Tyson segment.) Kids today aspire to be hedge funds managers rather than teachers and scientists.

Dylan has had another notable racist on his show — blowing kisses to Ron Paul, along with Stephen Colbert. I don’t object to nazified proponents of genetic racial superiority as “guests” so long as they’re asked the tough questions, rather than fielding nothing but softballs tossed by Ratigan and his “power” panel. It’s totally reprehensible. (Speaking of Social Darwinism. Keep up the good work, Alex!)

Dylan Ratigan Playing Vincent Price In Ratigan’s House of Horrors

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