Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Fake Progressive Channel Watch: Erin McPike From RealUnclear Politics

ON WITH TAMRON 'BURGERS' HALL, commenting on President Obama's blockbuster speech slamming the Ryan Budget as "thinly veiled Social Darwinism" and the predicted Ryan comebacker: "[President Obama] has chosen to distort the truth and divide America." Erin The Erinhead: "You know, look, the Republicans distort his record all the time, TOO."

They distort his record, "TOO." Really?! Why don't you take the President's advice and "go check it out for yourself ... this is no exaggeration," Erin, YOU LAZY EXCUSE FOR A BELTWAY MEDIA 'REPORTER'. In the meantime:

Oh yeah, before I forget, this priceless exchange between the blind-leading-the-blind, Chuckles Toddy and Chris Matthews:
CHUCKLES: "If Romney is the 'Godfather' of Obamacare, then Hillary is the 'Godmother'." [yuck-yuck]

MATTHEWS (all googlie-eyed): "YOU'RE SO SMART!"
Presumably, Chuckles was referring to the fact Hillary's campaign health care plan included a mandate. Except that Hillary lost to Obama; so in the first instance it's entirely hypothetical what, if anything, her health care legislation would look like. What we do know, is that when Hillary spearheaded the Clinton health plan in 1993 — so-called 'Hillarycare' — it didn't include an individual mandate, but an employer mandate. Universal coverage would be reached through "state-based boards which would establish standards and requirements for a set of non-profit Associations (or "Alliances") which would implement those standards, as well as aggregate and negotiate with those private insurers."

The individual mandate was a Republican think tank, et al, alternative to 'Hillarycare' or, as Rachel put it, "a Republican idea turned Republican scorn." (As was also pointed out on PBS by Mark Shields, who has more political smarts in his pinkie than Chuckles will have in an entire career.)

MEMO To Chris & Chuckles: Try catching up with Rachel's show more often. You might learn something. IDIOTS.

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