Friday, March 30, 2012

Even The FISH Dislike S. E. Cupp

AND I'M A FISH PERSON. I hope that in their fishing forays the Cupps toss back into the waters the fish they don't intend to eat. That's what liberals do. (I'm thinking S. E. probably cuts them to pieces with a machete in some ceremonial blood ritual, as wingnuts are wont to do in their inner councils.) I'm reminded of the Daily Caller chick who crashed Chris's book party and tried using her female wiles to video-catch an inebriated Ben Bradlee in a compromising position. While misguided, wingnut women are much more interesting than their pasty white male counterparts who wage a war on women — especially those who do not know "their place"— to mask their own, um, inadequacies. Wingnut women exist in an ├╝ber-hostile work environment, where coping with lechery is par for the course.


How can anyone really dislike such a cute wingnut as S. E. Cupp? To her great credit, this self-described "social conservative" [who is also] "an atheist" (oy vey!) endures the sharp poisoned barbs of liberal heavyweights with grace and humor. She even awakened Ari Melber from his Ratigan-induced stupor to show his true liberal colors by deconstructing her absurd laissez-faire Randian posture concerning subsidies to economic sectors/companies that are strategic assets of our global competitiveness. (Now that Ari's Svengali is back, only time will tell whether his progressive self slinks back in the shell.) Alex and Sam Stein, even Maggie Haberman, took turns scolding her. S. E. gives me the sense she's a progressive struggling to break free of her weird ideology. I hope she does. Big Eddie should have her on to talk ... fishing.

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