Monday, March 26, 2012

Psycho Ricky Goes Psycho: 'C'mon Man, What Are You Doing?!'

Despite the snarky back-to-back carping from the fake "journalists"— Katzenjammer Kids Heilemann and Halperin — on the fake progressive channel against the real journalist, New York Times' Jeff Zeleny, this actually is what real journalists do: Expose the candidates' lies without resort to backroom whispers, outrageous 'appropriation' — the anti-journalists' euphemism for plagiarism — and fictional "thoughts" politicians may have had. Observe and learn how an ethical reporter elicits a [bleeped] comment, not a fictitious "thought" bubble from a politician:

PS - The CBS video clip omitted the full context of Santorum's comment, which was Obamacare. So, Santorum was correct to point out Zeleny should have quoted him in context — and left it at that, e.g., 'if you go back to my remarks, from the beginning, you'll see I specifically cited Romneycare.' Zeleny did what every good reporter does: elicit a (over)reaction from a candidate by quoting the prominent/headline portion of what he said. Santorum had the opportunity to provide the context, without losing his cool. Perfectly fine, since it wasn't one of those edited videos (CBS) to which the candidate could not respond in real time.

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