Friday, March 02, 2012

Tribute To The Monkees

RACHEL had to have Peter Tork of the 60s band Monkees for the interview tonight, following the sad news of Davy Jones's sudden death of a heart attack. Which got me in a nostalgic mood ...

The Monkees were a hybrid, accidental, band created around the hugely popular TV series of the same name. It just so happened the guys had musical talent too, lots of it, and they outgrew their top-down imposed limitations to become a live concert band. This is one of Davy's last concert performances, at the Beacon Theater in NY last year. The raw camera video recording works amazingly well; it's one of the best versions of Daydream Believer I've ever seen or heard. Here's Davy Jones, Micki Dolenz and Peter Tork doing their thing ...  For fellow Monkees fan, Rachel:

This one applies to news of the day, set gender aside:

And here's a brilliant segment in which Mike Nesmith switches places with the late, great Frank Zappa. Absolutely HILARIOUS! A true GEM:

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