Friday, March 02, 2012

Fake Progressive Channel Watch: Susan Page ... Again?!

Have I mentioned yet today, as a sometime fan of Hardball, that Susan Page is IN THE TANK FOR MITT ROMNEY? It's like a parlor game with Matthews; she sits there patiently, before her opening, and zap! comes her biased comebacker. See, the problem I have is, she's posing as a journalist. And while none are truly "objective," the better ones are professional about it.

Are you really this dense, Chris? It's hard to believe. We're tired of hearing Susan's pro-Romney propaganda disguised as "journalism." For Pete's sake, man, give us a Haberman or a Fineman, or anyone from the NYT.  Even David Brooks is more objective than Susan, because he doesn't pretend to mask an opinion, and they're honest. And unlike a Krauthammer or a Will, Susan is ALWAYS finding the most ridiculous silver lining to make excuses for Romney — this time on his phantom appeal to women. Doesn't that tell you something, Chris, when you find it so absurd (yeah, right ... compared to Santorum) you had to laugh? Incidentally, your segment yesterday on CONSERVATIVES you insist on calling moderates was a total disgrace. As was your Beltwayspeak. That "lefty" lingo you smug Beltway jerks use to demean progressives is NOT appreciated.

Chris, you deserve a TON of credit for your progressive stance on women's issues, even though we had to light a fire under your you-know-what. But then you keep falling back on some really, really bad Beltway Media habits. Sadly, it keeps pulling you back. Frankly, you're at your best when you surprise us. But then it's back to the old habits. Jeez, Chris, you're so Beltway, you just can't seem to break free.


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