Monday, February 27, 2012

Politics, Academy Awards, And J-Lo's Aura

I was not ever a fan of Margaret Thatcher, the "Iron Lady," nor Meryl Streep. She's right. We're sick and tired of her gaming the Academy system for her "surprised" self-aggrandizement, keeping other deserving actresses from raking in some of that gold. Meryl Streep is a very good method actress who has an uncanny knack for picking choice roles. That factors in, and though I'll wait for the video, the "Iron Lady" with ice in her veins is a perfect part for Streep's clinical, detached acting.

She never moved me as a romantic lead. I was never convinced of any emotional connection between Streep and her male love interests. She collects leading dudes like trophies. Her fake emoticons opposite Clint Eastwood in Bridges of Madison County and Robert Redford in the sting-our-eyes with soap Out of Africa and throw in the STD thing were downright cringy. So, yeah you're right, Meryl. And you didn't even have the decency to recognize your fellow nominees. My vote went to the tattoo girl. I kept thinking Rick Santorum when she told a metaphorically bound and gagged voter: "I'm crazy!"

Random observations: (1) Cirque du Soleil was a terrific barnburner of a show; (2) only two songs nominated — what's up with that?! ... (3) Is Angelina Jolie ill or bulimic? ... Bony arms without definition, yikes ... (4) J-Lo's big artificial ass seems to coincide with her not getting acting jobs. Contrary to female ET viewing phobias, males are really really turned off by the narcissism driving women to patronize the  fake "beauty" body parts industry. But we did catch a glimpse of J-Lo's aura. Will this juvenile peek-a-boo behavior ever cease? It's becoming stupid and redundant.

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