Saturday, March 24, 2012

Psycho Ricky HORROR Ad Looks Terribly Dark Lord-ish ...

It's a post-apocalyptic vision of a dystopian America, a horror landscape of boarded-up homes, crumbling infrastructure, small-town main streets gutted by Reaganomics, Bain vulture capitalists, Wal-Mart and China, empty rooms with no furniture except the TV machine zapping our eyelids with Fox 'News' images of the Iranian dictator juxtaposed with President Obama, a baby squirming in a bathtub as a woman's sinister face appears bathed in shadows with crimson red ruby lips that whisper "shhh ..." Who could this be — a demented home schooler giving her child tough love? We see images of dark, empty examination rooms and creepy dilapidated hallways of an abandoned rural clinic or hospital, because the Republican Congress refused to fund the community health clinics in President Obama's Affordable Care Act, and we see the last of the Hummer owners hold a gasoline pump to his head as those cool gas-sipping Volt rocket ships zoom silently by just out of sight without need to stop and refuel every twelve miles or so.

So why do they call it Obamaville? Because ... it was this evil township resident's gift-wrapped mess left at the President's Oval Office door the moment he occupied it. And why is this man smiling? Because he just got a new lease on his miserable life, and he doesn't care what wreckage he's sown. This Psycho Ricky ad has more subliminal messages than an Absolut commercial. And if Hogan Gidley, who should so have populated this ad, along with his boss, misses the point, or is unwittingly ironic when he calls it 'provocative', it may be that they've just been punked — and have yet to realize it.

"Welcome to a place where one president's failed policies really hit home." 
Does this prominent "Obamaville" resident look familiar? Take a closer look.

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