Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Fact Remains: 53.3% of GOP Primary Voters In The Land Of Lincoln Voted AGAINST Romney

Illinois is a state a strong, credible and compelling Republican frontrunner is expected to carry — given its affluent "moderate" Republican demographics and weak, marginal competition of Santorum, Gingrich and Paul — by at least 55%. Romney couldn't even manage a plurality of 47% meaning 53% of Illinois Republicans chose other candidates over Romney. In combination, the Psycho Ricky (35%) and Newt The Tourist (8%) tallies bring the ultra-conservative anti-Romney votes to within 3.7% of the struggling frontrunner, enough to knock the 'presumptive nominee' off his perch and label Mittens a vulnerable, if not false favorite.

In most horse races in which there's a weak frontrunner loose on the lead, he is invariably caught at the wire by a well-timed charge from one of his closing competitors. Why should this race be different? You might say Mittens is no racehorse. Right you are. Thoroughbreds are much too noble and dignified — and they love dogs.

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