Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Saw A Psycho Ricky Lawn Sign Today ...

NO REFLECTION on my neighborhood, I'm sure, because it fronted a vacant diner. (OK, that didn't come out right; it was a Greek diner.) Did anyone see Romney's sound bite dutifully reported by the MEDIA IMBECILES? Some woman complains at a Romney event that she wants her "free" contraception. To which Mittens the PANDER BEAR replied, "if you're looking for 'free stuff' you don't have to pay for, vote for the other guy."

Hello, you fucking mediaite IMBECILES — THAT WAS A SETUP! You really think Mittens is capable of extemporaneous speech like "free stuff" without having been fed the line in advance? WTF's wrong with you IDIOTS?! Romney even helpfully SETS UP the SET-UP: "Yes, ma'm ... Here's the microphone ...WATCH THIS."

Did anyone have the reportorial presence of mind to follow up, ask questions of the fraud who really poured it on with the lib freeloader stereotype fake-confronting Romney: “So you’re all for like, ‘yay, freedom,’ and all this stuff. And ‘yay, like pursuit of happiness.’ You know what would make me happy? Free birth control.” Yeah, Right. Just browse Mediaite, freepers, beckistas, wingnuts, et al ... they're having conniptions of ecstasy.

This was such a CRUDE setup, it's rather unbelievable you all fell for it. So unbelievable, in fact, that I'm sure many of you didn't. But you're all in on it, because it makes for a good sound bite. Another lowlite in the pathetic existence of the MSM/Idiot Punditocracy/Beltway Media. And I have to sit here and listen to Chuckles Toddy proclaim that the "Republican Party is looking for a transformational leader." WHAT REPUBLICAN PARTY, CHUCKLES, YOU STUPID IDIOT!? And having to put up with a FRAUD and a CHARLATAN like John Heilemann, who fancies himself rather pathologically, I think, the reincarnation of Hunter S. Thompson.

God, these people, fucking confederacy of DUNCES and FRAUDS!

PS — this is another Romney LIE. there's no such thing as "free stuff" in health insurance plans. We all pay into it, and we all benefit from its economies of scale. That is why a drug on the retail market costing $150, if obtained through an insurance prescription drug plan may cost a covered individual $1 or $15. Romney is one of the few Americans who can afford to pay full cost for his and his freeloader family's hospitalizations and drug coverage. Bully for him. And SEAMUS on all of us.

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