Wednesday, March 21, 2012


There's no denying that the lovely Alex Wagner brings out the best in Hogan Gidley, the strange young man who is Psycho Ricky's 'Communications Director'. Watch the sparks fly, and the cryptic repartée:
HOGAN: "Welcome back from vacation, Alex."

ALEX: "HA! Don't give away all the secrets, Hogan."

(Interestingly, Hogan vanished from public view around the same time Alex went "on vacation." Then he re-emerged today on Alex's show looking tanned, with a professional haircut, and sporting new threads that could have been recommended by Michael Steele ... with mixed results. Just sayin' ... But we kid Alex.) When Alex throws it over to the Steelenator for a question, he gets into the spirit of things:

STEELE: "I'm just enjoying the moment, that's all ..."

Then Hogan — a compelling reason to keep Psycho Ricky's campaign afloat long enough for Gidley to attain cult hero status — summoned up the best of his wit to WOW Alex:

HOGAN: "We've been doing pretty well without the Establishment endorsements so far, we don't expect them ... You want a candidate, the old adage to walk across broken glass to support, the problem with Romney's folks is they won't even walk across a paved parking lot with a pair of Nikes on and a golfing cart to ride across it, I mean they just won't do it. We want to do this in November, we want to unseat this president, and we will walk across glass to do it, and Rick Santorum's the only guy that offers that at this point."

AND WOW ALEX, HE DID! Excellent, Hogan. That was inspired.

ALEX: "WOW. Nikes and broken glass — Hogan Gidley! Take care out there ..."

Nicely done, Hogan, doing his best Don Juan DeGidley impression. Keep up the good work, dude!

Memo To MSNBC Party Crashers: STOP trying to anoint Mittens the prematurely presumptive nominee following his unconvincing Illinois win and endorsement by Brutus the Jeb Bush backstabbing White Knight. And Chris, you've had a SERIOUS relapse following your fawning over 'Game Change' (yeah, it was a good movie to the extent it was loosely based on portions of that repugnant book) and declaring Chuckles (who worships at the altar of some mythical Republican Party in his scrambled Reagan era formative poli-brain) your 'political guru'.

Memo To The High Priests of The Idiot Punditocracy: STOP reciting the Last Rites to Psycho Ricky's campaign; be more like MIKE, my new favorite Republican — I like Stevie Boy, but he's too full of himself since the movie came out — advising us to 'hunker down', pass the popcorn, and enjoy the ride!

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