Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mittens FAILS ... AGAIN! To Gain 50% Of Illinois REPUBLICANOS

And what's with Psycho Ricky and those STEPFORD Kids?! Hogan Gidley fits right in ... Where is he?

BTW, before the night is out, this election will tighten up for Psycho Ricky; Illinois statewide elections are a lot like New York in this respect: The big-city vote (Chicago, New York City) rolls up the numbers early (obviously for the Democrat in non-primary elections, but here Romney is the stand-in city-suburban collar counties boy), then upstate starts reporting in (NY) or downstate (IL) and the candidate who got off to a big lead is slowly reeled back.  The race tightens with leisurely reporting rural, small town counties tallying up their votes as the leader sweats out a narrowing margin the rest of the way. Just ask Illinois Democratic governor Pat Quinn.

"Saddle up"!? I liked "lock-and-load" better ... Psycho Ricky might benefit from a teleprompter. Watch Mittens' lead dwindling, dwindling.

Note to Mittens: I still have incandescent bulbs but I like the energy efficient ones better. And whether the Wright brothers were grounded or not by mythical dust regulators (how silly), the airplane which first took off on its own power in 1906 and not with gravity's help going downhill on rails was invented by a Brazilian, Alberto Santos Dumont. He's the guy in that slick Cartier commercial with the leopard. Why Cartier? Because Santos Dumont also invented the wrist watch, especially crafted for him by Cartier, so he could time his flying experiments with his hands at the controls. Santos Dumont also invented the dirigible and the monoplane, called the Demoiselle. But I digress.

Oh what fun! Watch Romney's incredibly shrinking lead ... It's almost down to single digits now.

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