Saturday, February 04, 2012

Music Break: Awesome GAL

GAL COSTA, one of the eternal DIVAS of Brazilian Music in a sweet and magical unrehearsed duet with the great singer-songwriter Jorge Ben:

As I was listening to Ron Paul ramble on about arcane monetary policy to the whoops and hollers of his true believers, he cast a pall on 1971 as the end of good life on this earth. That was the year the U.S. dropped the Gold Standard. But not so to Gal in this 1971 rocker, when she bellowed, "Don't be scared people, when I say that life is good!" And they were living under a brutal military dictatorship, too, but still making great music. Her message: "I am love from head to feet." This is as SIZZLING a basic rock guitar, drums and bass intro as you'll ever hear. The guitarist was Lanny, and man, did he have the licks:

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