Wednesday, February 01, 2012

MSNBC Election Coverage Production Values: YIKES!

Are Chuckles and Tamron Hall trying to give iPads a bad rep? Compared to CNN and John King's sticky fingers, MSNBC's visuals are still sucky and static. How come Toddy can't highlight a certain county on the map, enhance it, and pull up the relevant stats with a couple of finger or stylus taps? And who got the bright idea that, after showing us that Romney 47% - Gingrich 32% graphic ALL NIGHT, and the interesting part FINALLY comes up with candidate speeches, some controlling Einstein ASSHOLE producer decides we'd REALLY LIKE TO SEE that graphic AGAIN with the candidate in a POSTAGE STAMP BOX instead of WIDESCREEN all the time, in which we get to see not only the candidate, but reactions of those around him? Good thing there's CNN, that doesn't do moronic production shit, and I got to catch a little bit of David Gergen's comments, too.

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