Friday, February 03, 2012

KOMEN BACKLASH: The Women of America Emerge From Their Stupor

WHAT DID THEY EXPECT!? Many now expressing shock over Komen's defunding of Planned Parenthood probably voted the Republican extremists into office, both in the House and statehouses, who then immediately turned their sharp knives against Planned Parenthood in a relentless, widescale attack designed to destroy the nation's primary women's health organization. Those who voted "Republican" and remained on the sidelines as the attacks against Planned Parenthood gathered steam are complicit and can't very well bitch and moan with a clear conscience about what their votes have wrought.

Internally Komen appears to be in turmoil, as the resignations mount in response to its ideologically driven decision. It's nice that people have woken up, at long last, but it's frustrating all the same, as the rest of us beat our heads against the wall while they passively sat on the sidelines. Andrea Mitchell's interview with Komen's CEO (see below) was impressive for its non-Andrea advocacy and hurt — she's been close to tears about this given her personal history, likening it to a "death in the family."

I find the sense of betrayal, on anyone's part, especially those who supposedly have their finger on the pulse, just a tad baffling. It seems like one more indication of the obtuse nature of the Beltway Media. Indeed, only days ago, Andrea's softball interview with Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, painted a false picture of bipartisan "team effort" — minimal at best, despite Snyder's ludicrous claim of "relentless positive action" — glossed over his unconstitutional "emergency powers" grab of municipalities where most of the state's African American Democratic voting populations reside including Detroit, its largest city, and didn't even mention Snyder's 37% approval rating.

In reality, the divisive governor slashed the state's budget on the backs of teachers, union workers, seniors, and the poor, in order to implement his corporate tax cuts. Now Snyder is trying to take credit for the major driver of Michigan's economic recovery — President Obama's reviled bailout of the auto industry, Michigan's primary economic engine. Not surprisingly, the President received no credit whatsoever as the true architect of Michigan's "turnaround," outpacing all other states.

To watch Andrea Mitchell Reports is akin to watching a well produced Beltway Media infomercial, with the obligatory participation of POLITICO, called by Rachel (I love this) the "belt buckle" of the Beltway Media. Now that the Komen story hits Andrea close to home, suddenly she is channeling her inner journalist. I was more surprised than impressed. It shouldn't have to be this way:

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