Monday, January 16, 2012

Schooling Big Eddie On The Giants Win

I know, Big Eddie's trash talkin' but I'll bite:

"The Giants' LUCKY win ..."

Really. Considering the Giants played at Lambeau, absorbed all the BAD calls from pro-Pack officials — (1) The clear fumble that wasn't called by the NFL Institute for blind officials; and (2) The bogus 'roughing the passer' call that kept the Pack drive alive, leading to a touchdown.

"The Pack didn't play defense ..." Right. When DID THEY play defense during the season, eh Big Eddie? The offense carried them all year. Only this time, the Giants came up big in all three phases, Offense, defense, and special teams, recovering the onside kick.

Luck was the Hail Mary pass. But you know what, Eddie; that was payback for the bad calls. Great teams make their own luck. They took the bad calls without complaint and kept on truckin'. The Giants WON this game the old-fashioned way; they EARNED it. And if you think otherwise, Big Eddie, have I got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you!

Yo, Big Eddie: DENIAL AIN'T JUST A RIVER IN EGYPT. Here's a hankie.

PS - Good one: The Head booth referee making the bad calls was Scott Walker!

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