Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Oh Chris, Your Former Boss Has Something To Tell You ...

Former President Jimmy Carter spared no verbal gymnastics when it came to calling a spade a spade: Where his former employee Chris Matthews uses words like "desultory" and "dog whistle" President Carter, interviewed by Piers Morgan, was clear and direct about what Newt Gingrich had said at the Republican debate:
“I think (Gingrich) has that subtlety of racism that I know quite well, that Gingrich knows quite well, that appeals to some people in Georgia. I’m not saying he’s racist, but he knows the subtle words to use to appeal to a racist group.
OH, MY. Tell us, Chris, would you have to run this text by suit-sayer Steve Capus's prior censorship department before going on air with it? Steve to Chris: "Just say 'desultory' or 'dog whistle' or whatever; as long as you don't say the 'R' word, got it?!" "Sure, boss."

Por Ejemplo: When Chris says "a certain type of unpleasant voter" President Carter says this means "a racist group". WOW, who'd a thunk President Carter might actually need to be censored at MSNBC?

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