Sunday, January 15, 2012

Santorum’s Gay, Abortion, Communist, Uh ... Christian Right Problem

The Christian Right has a Santorum problem. One could even say, a Google Santorum problem. At their Texas confab in a fortified end-of-times bunker, euphemistically named “a Texas ranch,” the gathering of haters rejected their lovable Gomer Pyle favorite son governor for rabid dog prestidigitatin’ Big Eddie hypnotist Rick Santorum. The results were announced by Psycho star Tony Perkins, president of the ‘Family Research Council’.

 But the thing about these religious fascists is, they’re not very good at vetting their candidates. Even considering the closed culture thing, the let’s-forgive-sex-sinners thing, the kill-the-gays and abortion thing … still. They should have known how WEIRD Rick Santorum really is — even by their forgiveness-is-divine standards. There’s the Santorums’ strange behavior regarding their still-born child, no matter how insensitive Alan Colmes was about it. There’s his wife’s life-saving procedure that resulted in the death of her fetus. Was it an abortion? Unclear, but it highlights Santorum’s extreme hypocrisy as he piously affirms his opposition to any medically induced abortion, even to save the life of the mother. Honestly, such hypocrisy is mind-boggling. But it’s par for the course for anti-abortion Republican extremists. Then, there’s the skeleton in wife’s closet: She lived in a non-married relationship with an abortion doctor who is 40 years her senior and also delivered her at birth. At the time, the 1970s, both Rick and his wife Karen were pro-choice. Weird.

Wait, there’s more! Quite apart from all the unsavory legal aspects of SuperPACS, there’s Santorum’s typically fake Republican “charity” PAC to line his own pockets. Finally, the coup de gras, as they say in, well, the Republicans' favorite European piñata: SHOCKER! The Santorum Clan in Italy of which he spoke so lovingly “were red communists to the core.
“But on the other side of the ocean, it’s like his family here doesn’t exist. Instead he draws crowds as the head of the ultraconservative faction of the Republican party, against divorce, gay marriage, abortion, and immigration.

Those politics don’t play well in Riva del Garda, a community of ultraliberals. On the campaign trail, Santorum often touts his grandfather’s flight from Italy “to escape fascism,” but he has neglected to publicly mention their close ties with the Italian Communist Party,” according to Oggi Magazine journalist Guiseppe Fumagalli.

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