Friday, November 04, 2011

MEMO To Chris: When You Throw A Book Party, DON'T Invite The Daily Caller

Word to the wise: You know that wingnut rag run by Tucker Swanson Carlson ... The Daily Caller? Stay AWAY from it. Clearly, you've been in the Beltway much too long, and your judgment of character has been dulled over the years. "Swannie" is NOT your friend, Chris. You won't be able to tell them apart from the likes of Breitbart and his video slut, James O'Keefe. They're not journalists. Their life's mission is to "get" anyone on their perceived left, a HUGE net, in compromising positions, such that they can embarrass, "out" or, if they hit the trifecta, ruin people's careers. Bob Woodward's been around the block, so he has a nose for these video hit jobs. He said nothing and moved on. Unfortunately, he pointed at Ben Bradlee who, it seems, was more than a little buzzed. Nothing untoward was recorded, but Bradlee did give the wingnut chick a hug and put a hand on her shoulder. Not good. Think of these wingnuts as reptilians in human skin. They may look attractive, flirty and loose on the outside, but they're deadly poisonous if you get too close. (What I'd like to know, though, is how come the wingnut chick didn't approach a strapping dude like Richard Wolffe, in the background there?)

PS — What a moron this wingnut is: "are deese chargees racialee modeevayted??" NO, you fucking imbecile; they're POLITICALLY motivated. But the racist Teabaggers can feel good about themselves, anyhow, supporting the "Koch 'brother' from another mother" (?!) ...

PPS — This chick looks easy ... Are you dating her, Treach, or does Swannie get first dibs?

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