Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Rick Perry's Bizarro Public Meltdown

Is Rick Perry still a "viable" candidate for President? You betcha! Rachel did a great job deconstructing Perry's psychotic breakdown (below), right down to the maple syrup hug. But, lucky us, the dude's not done yet. Here's the Republicans' dirty little secret: Most of them on both sides of the fence, candidates and voters, are certifiably insane. The functioning psycho population in this nation — many still undiagnosed — is large and growing. So Rick was simply being himself among fellow psychos:

Maple Syrup recipe for Rick Perry: Romney flapjacks, topped with two wallops of sour cream (a metaphor for the Perry-Cain campaigns), smothered in insanely delicious New Hampshire maple syrup. This song's for you, Ricky:

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