Wednesday, November 02, 2011

MEMO To Big Eddie: Wrong, Eddie — We Want Herman Cain To STAY

Big Eddie is lamenting the media feeding frenzy surrounding the Herman Cain 12-year-old sexual harassment story. It always amazes me how the media think we, the consumers of news, buy into the notion that stories like these are either, immaculate conceptions, or were dropped by the ratings stork on Jonathan Martin's/MSNBC's lap.

Please. Be a journalist and go after the REAL story. HAMMER the POLITICO ratbastards on the source of this timely disclosure (for Mitt Romney). Here are a few pointers for whatever's left of the media: (1) If the "campaigns" weren't behind this, then was Karl Rove? Let's stipulate that he was. He has motive, opportunity, expertise, and a long history of political dirty tricks. (2) If POLITICO agreed to be Karl Rove's conduit for this dirt he's dug up on Herman Cain, on condition of anonymity, then they're guilty of passing tainted goods on to us, the consumer of news. Anyone in commercial media ultimately works for us. We pay your salaries with pay-for-cable. POLITICO is part of this racket with its close association to the MSNBC chumps, and is quite willing to feed the right wing myth they're "liberal media." They're laughing their asses off at MSNBC's expense. You can see it in their faces every time the clueless Chris Matthews interviews any one of these ratbastards.

Speaking as a REAL liberal, plainly it's in our interest and the Obama campaign's interest that Herman Cain stays in this race all the way, if at all possible. Yes, he's an ignorant clown, a total buffoon. That's the whole point, isn't it? The Republican establishment is beginning to panic with his rise in the crazies' polls. Where and how POLITICO obtained this information makes every difference in the world. IT IS THE STORY. Any journalists worth their salt (Idiot Punditocracy do not qualify) would blow the lid on these Republican dirty tricks, and start asking the hard questions: Was the Romney campaign aware of this, and if so, what did they know and when did they know it? Instead, you allow yourselves to be played like a violin by Karl Rove. POLITICO and MSNBC are no fucking "liberal media." Not even close. You have no integrity.

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