Monday, October 31, 2011

Idiot Punditocracy Watch: Dance of The POLITICO Media Whores

I must say, I have much less regard for Nia Malika Henderson after her suck-up to POLITICO media whore Jonathan Martin who according to Chris Matthews, natch, "broke" the Herman Cain sexual harassment "story." Let's get some things clear now: POLITICO does not do investigative reporting. They have a network of connected "sources" who feed them second- and third-party rumors in the vein of the usual gotcha stories: the sort of thing the wingnut media — Daily Caller, hacking into personal e-mails; Andrew Breitbart, digging up lewd photos on Twitter and doctoring tapes — are expert at. The wingnut "media" have a certain MO, which is quite recognizable, and their fingerprints are all over this story.

Liberals may be dense and disingenuous, but we're not stupid. What interest would liberals possibly have in torpedoing Herman Cain's continuous rise in the Teabagger wingnut polls? The man is a godsend! While we don't expect him to win the nomination, the longer he stays out there leading the crazies polls, the better it is for liberals and Democrats, and President Obama's electoral prospects.

Second, this is not an "investigative" story that would warrant a ratbastard media whore like Jonathan Martin any "congratulations" whatsoever, got that Chris? Third, Chris asked the question, reluctantly, but never answered it, who would benefit from bringing Herman Cain down? The Coultergeist, and others in Rightwingville, have a proprietary interest in chopping Herman Cain off at the knees. So what do they do? Blame the "liberal media" because those Teabagger tools are so easily fooled. FYI, Chris, you wingnut enabler, POLITICO as I have said (a) is not the liberal media; and this further buttresses my point; and (b) since that media whore Jonathan Martin won't say who his "sources" are, he's being real coy and dissembling... let me help you. Chris you effing fool, what do the letters K R spell out to you ... hmm? Next time you have Jonathan on, ask him point-blank, "was Karl Rove behind this?" If he denies it or refuses to answer, then broaden the net a bit: "What about right wing media/operatives? Yes or no." You can start there. With the basics, when interviewing a hostile media propagandist whore.

Matthews has been completely clueless about POLITICO, and remains so. Here he is with POLITICO conservative propagandist, Susan Page, on Romney's outrageous flip-flops. Page is there to spin Romney (she seems like an establishment Republican, so he's probably her "guy") in as good a light as possible:
MATTHEWS: "Why does he go 180 back and forth?"

PAGE: "I think it's not a 180. I think it's a more modest tweak than that. But I think it's because what he said in June in your first clip is unacceptable to some conservative Republicans. He's trying to emphasize kind of the conservative part of his message."
Then Chris says, "OK. You report this in a straight fashion, obviously, Susan." Yeah right. Like the time she said on Hardball, in all seriousness, that the firebreathing wingnut Florida Congressman Allen West was a respectable voice on slashing Medicare and Social Security. Do I need to spell out how outrageous such a throwaway statement is, Chris? The POLITICOs do it all the time on Hardball and wherever they appear on MSNBC. What a pathetic POLITICO tool Mr. Matthews is.

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