Monday, November 07, 2011

High Tech Lynching ... Why Are Wingnuts Such Pansy-Ass Whiners?

Here are the FACTS. Herman Cain was accused 12 years ago of sexual harassment. The story was leaked to POLITICO by politicos who would like to end his candidacy cold — take your pick: Karl Rove, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney — who set off a diversion, blaming the mythical "liberal media" for this nefarious plot. Herman Cain himself trumpeted that line for a while. It comes naturally to one who said Jesus was killed by liberals. Doesn't he know us "bleeding heart" liberals oppose the death penalty and cruel and unusual punishment?

Then Cain blamed Rick Perry. A reasonable possibility. Now his defenders (Limbaugh) are fulminating against the "so-called mainstream media" since liberals, inconveniently for them, are Herman Cain boosters. The man is such an incompetent fool, from ignorance of foreign policy and military realities (like, oh ... China has been a nuclear nation since 1964), to not knowing the difference between "social conservatives" and "neocons" — wingnuts, for short — that we couldn't have invented a better front man for the know-nothing Republican/Tea Party if we tried. But the man insists instead on playing the victim card while comparing himself to Moses. Christ! Now his friends have produced a video dredging up the old Clarence Thomas "high tech lynching" line:

A slick piece of wingnut crapaganda, indeed.

What ever happened to the "high tech lynching" of Anita Hill, an African American professor whose credible charge of sexual abuse by Thomas earned her contemptuous and abusive interrogation by a bunch of lecherous white Republican senators? How come the media frenzy surrounding the Anthony Weiner tweets of his penis to Twitter lady pals wasn't a "high tech lynching"? Must've been because the story was broken by a credible asswipe like wingnut provocateur Andrew Breitbart. I wrote that Weiner should step down, not just that he lied about the tweets, as Herman Cain has lied about his sexual harassment allegations, but because the media frenzy surrounding his high tech penile lynching wasn't survivable in the current "media climate," as Chuckles Toddy put it so well. Chuckles knows from his shallow Beltway media. Of course, the irony is that Weiner only embarrassed himself and his family, friends and supporters, but he never abused nor was accused of sexually abusing anyone!

Yo Pigman, repulsive liar and hypocrite: Stop whining already; What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Didn't you know?

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