Wednesday, November 09, 2011


POWER TO THE PEOPLE! 61 percent NO! on Ballot Measure 2, striking down the Kasich Union-busting bill to 39 percent from the wingnuts/Teabagger Kasich-Koch corporate TOOLS who voted yes. This is A CRUSHING BLOW FOR THE REPUBLICAN/TEA PARTY, and their RADICAL national agenda to destroy the middle class.

The Kasich-Koch-Teabagger UNION BUSTING bill rammed down the people's throats was sent to ATOM-SPLITTING DEFEAT by the good people of OHIO who SHOUTED a loud and clear NO! to the wingnut cabal of out-of-state KOCH money, Karl Rove dirty tricks, and the sustained misinformation campaign from carpetbaggers Pat Boone, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Liz Cheney, and Mike Hucabee, who had the AUDACITY to mock the expression of people democracy in Ohio ... this is what passes as wingnut humor — HAHAHA, just hilarious, these ratbastards:

RIGHT BACK AT YA, TEABAGGERS. Go read an American History book, fools, instead of running around in your idiotic costumes, waving the Constitution around, presuming to speak for the American people while working to squelch and suppress the people's vote. Topping the cake, in Maine, after the Republican legislature struck down a 38-year old law permitting election day voter registration, the people slapped them down reinstating it by equally overwhelming margins. The people have gotten wise to these ratbastard Republicans/Teabaggers and their extremist agenda. In Mississippi, a REPUBLICAN state, the people struck down a ballot measure that would grant personhood to a fertilized egg and effectively outlaw abortion and some means of contraception.

The radical right's extremist agenda IS IN RETREAT throughout the nation. Progressives, liberals, democrats, unions, the 99 percenters are on the march. You have awakened a sleeping giant, Teabaggers. YOU.ARE.TOAST.

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