Saturday, October 01, 2011

TEA PARTY Remedial Ed: President Obama, Terrorist Hunter

No shit, Teabaggers!

While Republicans talked an evil game, mostly to inflame the racist predilections of their bloodthirsty base, President Obama actually went about the task of killing terrorists who would do Americans harm.

You have no idea, Teabaggers, not the slightest clue. As stated here, it came as no surprise that President Obama erased OBL. In fact, it's not that hard to hunt down and kill these scumsuckers, given our military and intelligence resources. Seriously. Bin Laden was a useful tool to the Bush regime, including W's re-election, so they kept him alive. Bin Laden's cockiness, living pretty much in plain sight in a heavily guarded compound in Pakistan right around the corner from their "Pentagon" indicated he was in on the game. Or so he thought.

Until a new sheriff came to town. No one should be surprised at President Obama's tough stance. He was to the right of John McCain in this regard, when he said during the campaign that, given actionable intelligence, he wouldn't hesitate to take Al Queda's leadership out, no matter where they were hiding. John McCain, sounding like a Democrat, criticized President Obama for circumventing the proper channels of international collaboration, etc. The Idiot Punditocracy thought the President's statement was hyperbole. Not any more.

 Some have argued that killing terrorists who are U.S. nationals abroad, in hostile territory — Yemen and Pakistan — is unconstitutional; that we should capture them and try them in our courts and, while we're at it, give them a latte and a scone. I don't think so. A U.S. citizen who joins the terrorist organization that killed some 3,000 innocent people on 9/11 is, by definition, a traitor. Whether or not terrorist mass murderers are held for trial, their fate is sealed. They will be executed, just as the Nazi war criminals hung at Nuremberg. Another important distinction is that the Nuremberg trials were held after WWII ended, when Germany was defeated. During the war, Hitler was fair game. There were numerous attempts to assassinate him, and his headquarters were reduced to rubble. Dictators and terrorists have one thing in common: They're protected by heavily reinforced concrete bunkers, compounds, and natural fortresses such as caves.

The notion entertained by Ron Paul that, given actionable intelligence, we should risk the lives of Special Forces teams to extract a terrorist who happens to be a U.S. citizen and bring him up on charges, is ridiculous. Wherever terrorists may gather in hostile territory, whether it be Yemen or Pakistan or any other country that harbors people bent on the mass killing of innocent Americans, if we find them with our 24/7 remote-controlled drones, they're toast.

And good riddance. No more Mr. Nice Guys (Bush and Cheney) keeping terrorists alive to foment internal fear in the population in order to justify the national security state. We've got a Ninja President in the White House who has a different idea of how best to protect the lives of Americans. Here's President Obama's impressive record of hunting down and killing terrorists:

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