Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Tonight I tuned in (just for a minute before being outraged) at America's uncensored PORN channel, Fox, curious to find out whether the Hamlet of Trenton, Jersey BLUBBERMOUTH Governor Chris Christie would finally release the Coultergeist, Hannity, Karl Rove, and a bunch of KOCH-snorting tycoons into orgasmic paroxysms should this be the day Snooki's BEACH BALL announced his candidacy for president. It didn't happen. Hannity's program was on 30-second delay in case heads, or other body parts, exploded, so to speak.

Christie's religious revival was held at the Reagan Tent Library, a speech about leadership and the Republican Gospel according to their LITERAL GOD, Ronald Reagan. Word has it that some Republicans are desperately trying to clone Reagan, and others even hope he will descend from the skies in the chariot used by Charlton Heston in Ben-Hur to reclaim his throne. Meanwhile, in the Hannity set, body temperatures and sexual tension kept rising, manifesting as a dribble of spit from Sean's mouth, the hair inside Karl's ears achieving full piloerection, generalized Nixonesque upper lip sweating, and a pervasive sense of wingnut B.O. reeking of the subtle aromas of McDonald's fries, Meatloaf, cooked vegetables, and cheap cologne.

Wingnut Republican Congressman Connie Mack was on hand to provide off-color and offensive commentary about President Obama. He spoke in weighty terms of Blubbernor Christie, then mentioned the obligatory "shining city on a hill"... Hmm. Has it ever occurred to the wingnuts that the closest physical manifestation of a "shining city on a hill" in this country is the beautiful and gay, ULTRA-LIBERAL European-style enclave and little patch of heaven in America, the City of San Francisco? Yes, the Democratic city where liberal policies achieved affordable universal health care, where crime and unemployment are low, and where one-party Democratic rule ensures a government that works for all the people. As a rule American cities, shiny, flat, or hilly, are Democratic strongholds. Even in Texas. (Or "Te-HAS" as los ilegales de Rick Perry pronounce it.) Compare this to the typical Republican demographic, which lives in Wonder Bread 'burbs, gated communities, and inbred trailer parks.

Republican WORD DU JOUR from the Frank Luntz Propaganda Mill: "DEMONIZE." The wingnut HIVE first started using it with calls from phony "plants" to liberal radio talk shows. They call in claiming to be small business owners with a familiar sob story about Democrats and President Obama trying to "demonize" them for being "successful" and how they're oh, so burdened by "job-killing government regulations." You know, the kind that maintains a safe working environment and keeps benzene out of the water and mercury out of the air. Big Eddie smokes them out, usually after a whole series of callers crying that mean ol' President Obama is out to "demonize" them with his Crass Warfare.

Ironically, the wingnut HIVE are the very opposite of the "entrepreneur" and the creative personality. They must be told what to say and work from a script. They're disciplined worker bees, hence the HIVE, and they will die flying solo. They're a kind of one-dimensional proto-collectivist that even Ayn Rand could not have envisioned, for she gave hers a brain, the better to crush them. For all intents and purposes, when they call Big Eddie, their brain belongs to Frank Luntz. And so, it came as no surprise that Governor Christie charged President Obama with "insisting that we must tax and take and DEMONIZE those who have already achieved the American Dream." Straight from the HIVE. But then LOATHSOME Rep. Connie Mack of Florida said of the Republican mob, which cheered for the death of the medically uninsured, hollered for Perry's record executions, and jeered a gay Marine who is serving our country in Afghanistan:

"They want somebody to TAKE OUT Barack Obama and get this country back on track."

Those were his precise words. Every single word. There was no Fox editing as they did by excising "everybody here’s got a vote" from Jimmy Hoffa's speech when he used the words "take these sons of bitches out" referring to Tea Party candidates. Salty language, to be sure, but the unedited Hoffa passage left no doubt that he was talking about voting them out of office. What Connie Mack said was HATE SPEECH. But no one will protest because it was said on Fox, which traffics in hatred and incendiary, irresponsible language on a daily basis.

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