Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Obama Campaigning In Poetry — Bob Dylan's Poetry

Mario Cuomo once said you “campaign in poetry but govern in …” well, we won’t get into that. Obviously, the Beltway Media hasn’t got an ear for poetry. But our awesome Rachel Maddow does. (Hell, even Rick Perry confessed to listening to Jesus Christ and Rachel Maddow — not necessarily in that order.) Where the Idiot Punditocracy sees conflict and recrimination, Rachel sees courtship and solidarity. You decide, right?

Seeking compromise and conciliation, proposing a fire sale of the Democratic crown jewels for the sake of his soul-selling “grand bargain” pact with the Devil, the President hits rock-bottom. Then he begins to realize something’s going on here ... It takes the Republican brinksmanship of two government shutdowns, + one for Mr. Obama to fully, finally, grasp its meaning.

This song speaks to the President's futile and fruitless "compromise" phase. Interesting that the media back then (65 or 66?) was just as shallow, stupid, and clueless as it is today. Genius, like Dylan at his peak, is fleeting and impermanent. But you can always count on mediocrity to comfort the comfortable and afflict the afflicted ... through the ages. Watch this rare Bob Dylan performance of “Ballad of a Thin Man” filmed in a small, intimate setting in Copenhagen. It’s totally mesmerizing.

And here’s a great Robert Palmer/UB-40 version of Dylan’s “I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight”… dedicated to President Obama courting the base and the CBC:

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Dhiraj said...

The artist, as he enters eighth decade of life, has been described aptly as “the Methuselah of righteous cool” but he has been much more, a master of disdain now, a bard of decay only to surprise as a voice of longing for romance later. The elderly statesman of music has collided with forms ranging from folk to glam rock and many in between and has left them richer, altered forever