Monday, October 03, 2011

The REVOLUTION Is Being Televised ... Sort Of

This weekend New York City's finest staged a mass arrest of some 700 protesters participating in OCCUPY WALL STREET with relatively little fanfare. The protesters were blocking traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge, creating a public nuisance. But the BIG STORY here is the ho-hum attitude of the mainstream media that continues under-reporting this true grassroots populist uprising, a peaceful occupation of the Wall Street area by people representing the rest of us 99ers — barely topping 53% of the nation's wealth compared with 47% owned by 1-ONE-UNO% of the occupied shuffling trillions of money bytes in their trading casinos. Here's Michael Moore at Liberty Square, lending his support to the protesters: "I want to see a perp walk! I want to see the people responsible for destroying the lives of millions of people in handcuffs, and put away, and brought to justice — IMMEDIATELY!" Yeah!

Oh the media came, for a spell, when three young women were MACED by a PIG named Bologna. (You're on YouTube, ASSHOLE.) "If it bleeds, it leads," noted Keith Olbermann sardonically. But not for long. You see, the diverse rainbow of humanity occupying Wall Street — multicultural, multilingual, multiracial and overwhelmingly poor — don't have a "TEA PARTY" label in front of their movement. Therefore, in the corporate media's "editorial judgment," they aren't worthy of anything more than drive-by coverage. Why? Well, they don't have the financial backing of right wing millionaires and billionaires; they don't have a dedicated propaganda network (Fox) hyping them 24/7; and they don't pose a (perceived) threat to the mainstream media's financial assets.

Wall Street isn't governed by the ups and downs of Bulls and Bears. It's ruled by SACRED COWS. As we have learned (below) from the eye-opening insights of a Eurozone trader, the markets could care less whether this rescue package or that jobs bill succeed or fail. They stand to make money hand-over-fist no matter what, as long as they prepare and are properly positioned to profit from a "downward market."

The fact is, Wall Street and the top 1% are the ultimate anti-government nihilists; they are governments unto themselves, and they have the hubris and power that comes with unlimited wealth to believe and act as if they're above the law — ANY LAW, national or international — when the rubber meets the road. Oh they'll put up with defanged rules and regulations as long as they don't hurt the bottom line, for cosmetic purposes mainly — go along to get along, and make sure they've bought the whole damned government with millions in chump change to do their bidding. They even fund private groups to write the state and federal laws and regulations that govern the rest of us — 21st century serfdom is their business model, they being the Lords of the Manor.

And they control what's left of freedom of the media, to varying degrees. We still have pockets, enclaves of free media that push back against the corporate media narrative that seeks to box all substantive news and commentary within certain defined parameters. The Beltway Media narrative is one example of peer pressure gone wild. If you don't have "access" (a word that defines emasculated faux journalists) you're nothing. "Access" means giving every rogue and liar the deference due their exalted titles. "Access" also means reporting whispers, innuendo, gossip and lies from anonymous sources as if they're the gospel truth.

Sadly, we acknowledge, celebrate, and encourage the few, the stalwart journalists who are televising the first rumblings of a new American Revolution which began in the states, kept alive by Big Eddie's passionate advocacy for unions and the middle class (they're symbiotic, linked at the hip; people need to understand this), and moved on to Wall Street with an ongoing, remarkable demonstration against the entrenched power of the oligarchs, plutocrats, and ruling elites.

KUDOS to MSNBC's LAWRENCE (my DVR's not working, so sue me!) who has been on top of this story from the very beginning, hosting Michael Moore with a live feed from the Belly of The Beast, Rachel, and Chris Hayes, and of course, the great Keith Olbermann. Everywhere else there's been a virtual news blackout. But not for long. Welcome to AMERIKA!

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