Monday, October 03, 2011

TEA PARTY Remedial Ed: OCCUPY WALL STREET Protester Schools Fox

Attention Teabaggers: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be able to articulate more than three words into a coherent sentence rather than a stupid slogan — "SHUT 'ER DOWN!" or "TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY!" — when the Fox propaganda machine shows up at your widdle demos? I know, I know, you're brain-addled, overweight, middle-aged white people in stupid costumes.

But there's always room for growth, if you're willing to reform your ways and join a true-blue populist movement. Hell, even Dylan Ratigan found a Teabagger amid the protesters to justify his wingnuttery even as he works through decades of his Reaganomics neurosis. What I'm curious about is what's this "lefty agenda" that so offends Dylan.

But we digress. Take note Teabaggers, here's how a LEFTY protester in regular street clothes schooled a Fox crapagandist ON THE ISSUES THAT MATTER TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, AND HOW FOX AND THE REST OF THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA ARE GROSSLY MISINFORMING THE PEOPLE. POP QUIZ, Teabaggers: Was this clip, or any part of it, ever aired by Fox. What do you think, Teabaggers? I can't HEAR YOU ...

The young man's name is Jess LaGreca, and I LOVE how SMART AND ARTICULATE these kids are. You're totally awesome, Jess:

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