Monday, October 03, 2011

Plugging Chris Matthews, LITERALLY: EXTRA RIDICULOUS Show Tonite!

You can always count on the Dean of the Idiot Punditocracy for some totally amorphous, irrelevant, unintentionally hilarious political theater. Let's LISTEN to Chris:
"Which way should Obama go? Which way will offer the most compelling case for reelection next November? What will attract the majority of voters to decide that an Obama second term, four more years of a Democrat controlling the White House and setting national direction is a better bet than giving the Republican candidate a chance? ...

But the problem for Obama is that like a batter in the Major Leagues, by the time you know what pitch is coming your way, it`s too late to adjust your swing. So, it would be best for Obama to make up his mind, HARD LEFT OR DOWN THE MIDDLE."
Hmm ... Well, it seems Mr. Yellow-Stripe-Roadkill has already made up his mind and President Obama's for the rest of us. Since it's Dean Matthews's show, count on it to be accordingly tilted and choreographed with an assortment of Chris's favorite idiot pundits to make the case for Chris's treasured "40-yard line" where nothing much other than lots of spectatin' speculatin' (Chris's specialty) happens. Here's some homework for Chris: Please to define what, and who, is "HARD LEFT." Is it Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman? Is it Gene Robinson, David Corn, Eric Boehlert, E.J. Dionne? Is it his "blogger friends"? Or his hated "netroots people"? Is it Michael Moore (we already know he's being set up for an attempted takedown on Hardball)? Or could it be Chris's colleagues Lawrence (a self-described Hollywood "socialist" — we call them "festive left" in South America) or Rachel, our muse? Maybe it's some "gadfly" Chris and Michael Steele hadn't read about first on this blog, when I described Ron Paul as a GOP "gadfly" and therefore a safe target for (MS)NBC-POLITICO to ask the anti-government questions of, when everybody else on that debate stage subscribed to the same basic nonsense.

So please define for us, Chris, who or what is "HARD LEFT" on the American political spectrum. Unfortunately, I'll bet Chris was too busy scurrying under his desk, fearful of those mean commies on the "HARD LEFT" ...

To catch this political science class — and he's been mangling this reality ever since; even when we show him the PICTURE!

Chris, you will begin the road to recovery once you realize the problem isn't US ... it's YOU. AND THEM:

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