Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Premature Crowing Over The "End" Of Newt's Political Career

In the often hilarious two-day flameout of Newt Gingrich's presidential campaign, in which we learn the "king of bling:" owes Tiffany's between $250,000 and ONE and ONE HALF MILLION DOLLARS (gee, here I thought it was Trump's wife, not Callista Gingrich's mother of all shopping sprees ... they must be rounding off the bill to the nearest dollar); supports President Obama's healthcare mandate, i.e., "Obamacare;" and considers Paul Ryan's Medicare privatization plan "radical right wing social engineering"— why should progressives be so eager to "dance on his political grave"?

Amid all the political chatter surrounding the Gingrich Grand Mal faux pas (plural?), Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post managed the most prescient observation above all the excited din: We forget that Newt Gingrich — in slamming Paul Ryan and the entire GOP Congress, violating Reagan's "11th Comandment"— has taken a popular position. Gingrich has already done incalculable damage to Republican electoral prospects and GOP political schemes to destroy Medicare. So why turn off the spigot? Kudos to Gene Robinson, who gave David Gregory a lesson in journalism with much, much less material to work with. And, of course, Rachel's context was right on target.

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