Monday, May 16, 2011

Okay, I'm Taking A Stand Against Lawrence ...

AND conservative/wingnut pundit George Will. Neither Tim Pawlenti NOR Mitch Daniels will be the Republican nominees for president. PERIOD.

Lawrence is banking on the premise that early polls are to be ignored to keep up his Pawlenti drumbeat. True. At least in part ... the only poll/cliché that counts, as the politicians say, is the one on election day, etc, etc. And when that day comes, Pawlenti and Daniels will be nowhere. Because the election, like the race, must still be held!

Just a hunch. But my informed political hunches are as good as my Derby-selecting skills. See you at the finish line, Lawrence. Hopefully, sans that odious Dana Milbank, the singular and inexplicable MSNBC "pundit" who is a categorical channelchanger. Only the toe-sucker at Fox surpasses him in the slime-creep factor.

I don't get it, unless MSNBC has a booking office infested with wingnuts, libertarians, and assorted progressive and liberal haters.

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