Friday, May 20, 2011

HANDS OFF MY MEDICA-a-a-re ... Paul Ryan Takes Granny For A Stroll

Apparently, this ad is too harsh even for the sensibilities of most MSNBC hosts. (Except for Big Eddie, but he's a radio guy.) But it's an apt and truthful metaphor. Remember when Republicans were saying that the Democrats' Affordable Health Act was going to "pull the plug on Grandma" when it actually strengthened Medicare over the long term? That was a Republican LIE concocted as a talking point by Frank Luntz. Now Paul Ryan is spreading more Orwellian doublespeak LIES with his "radical social engineering" to end Medicare and turn it into a voucher plan. As if the voucher could ever pay for hip replacements, cancer treatments, chronic illnesses, and nursing home care for Alzheimer's patients; the universe of serious health issues afflicting the elderly.

Ryan, the Objectivist ideologue, who went to college on the government's largesse — Social Security survivor benefits — and has never had to care for an elderly relative, says he wants to "empower" seniors. As if our seniors, who worked their entire lives, contributing to their guaranteed retirement under Social Security and Medicare, rather than living out their golden years in secure and dignified retirement, many no longer ambulatory, many suffering from serious illnesses, are now "empowered" to go searching the private market for healthcare from the same shysters who currently rob them of their Social Security checks.

The consequence of Republican cuts to Medicare and the social safety net this nation has ALWAYS honored through Democratic and Republican administrations since the DEMOCRATIC PARTY enacted Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid is that PEOPLE WILL DIE AS A DIRECT RESULT OF THESE DRACONIAN MEASURES.

Meanwhile, in New York's 26th district, a special election is being held for the seat of that shirtless congressman (was he Paul Ryan's workout buddy? Seems like the type ...) cruising Craigslist for transsexuals to satisfy his repressed Republican sexual appetites. As it turns out, this is one of the MOST REPUBLICAN districts in the nation, and the Democratic candidate is running even with the Republican. Guess what the ONLY issue is: Paul Ryan's plan to kill Medicare. Guess who they've brought in to do robo-calls on the Republican candidate's behalf. This guy (see below). The GOP's disdain for the voters' intelligence is boundless. Watch:

WEST: I don’t think it destroys Medicare.

[Audience groans]

CONSTITUENTS: Hands off Medicare! Hands off Medicare! Hands off Medicare!

WEST: I will take my hands off Medicare and when there is no Medicare, then I will come see you sir. Next slide.

CONSTITUENTS: Hands off Medicare!
Yep. This radical Ryanite (a new definition for fascist) is one of the Republicans tapped to make robo-calls to NY-26 voters with fake assurances the GOP will not kill Medicare.

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