Monday, May 16, 2011

From One “Nice Guy” To Another: The Wingnut “Problem” With Women

Bill-O The Clown’s pro forma scolding of Glenn Beck for Beck’s repulsive mockery of Meghan McCain on his radio show is like watching a PSA by IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn on how to treat female subordinates and the hired help. In yet another of his desperate attention-seeking gutter antics, Beck verbally and visually assaulted Meghan McCain for her faux nude appearance on a PSA aimed at alerting young people — about the age of Beck’s daughters — to the dangers of skin cancer.

Meghan’s mother, Cindy, fired off this classy tweet at the guttersnipe Beck:

And her father reverting back to the old John McCain for the second time in as many days said, “I now think I can relate more closely to Harry Truman who took some umbrage at a critic that criticized his daughter’s singing … I don’t think I should dignify that kind of behavior with a comment.” He was referring to a 1950 Truman letter to Washington Post critic Paul Hume who had caustically criticized Truman’s daughter for her singing. Truman wrote:
“Some day, I hope to meet you. When that happens, you will need a new nose, a lot of beefsteak for black eyes and perhaps a supporter below.”
Unlike the wingnut chickenshit chickenhawks, John McCain served in combat and endured years of torture from his North Vietnamese captors. I’d pay to see him rearrange Beck’s face, wouldn't you? Although I suspect McCain's makeover of Beck's face would undoubtedly improve the sicko's evil Piglet appearance.

But it was Meghan herself who slammed the scumbag good in her column for the Daily Beast, in which she said:
While we’re on the subject of you vomiting on air, maybe we should have a little talk. Clearly you have a problem with me, and possibly women in general, but the truth is, it’s 2011 and I heard your show on Fox was canceled. Isn’t that an indication that the era of the shock-jock pundit is over? Don’t you think that’s a sign you should be pulling it back a little? I mean, if you’re too conservative and outrageous for Fox, that should tell you something. There really is no need to make something like my participation in a skin-cancer PSA into a sexist rant about my weight and physical appearance, because I’m going to let you in on a little secret, Glenn: you are the only one who looks bad in this scenario, and at the end of the day you have helped me generate publicity for my skin-cancer PSA, a cause that I feel quite passionate about.

You’re a full-grown man with teenage daughters who are probably dealing with the sexist, body-obsessed media environment that is difficult for all women. Is this really the legacy you want to be leaving for yourself?

As a person who is known for his hot body, you must find it easy to judge the weight fluctuations of others, especially young women. [Don't you love her sarcasm here ...] If any of your daughters are ever faced with some kind of criticism of their physical appearance or weight, they should call me, because women’s body image is another issue I feel passionate about, and have become accustomed to dealing with and speaking with young women about on my college tours. [More urgently, encourage them to call social services if they are being mentally or physically abused by their psychopath father.]

So thanks for spreading the word, Glenn. And next time, instead of jumping straight to the “Meghan McCain fat jokes,” maybe try out some new material. Because the fat-joke thing, it’s been done so many times, I know a creative intellect such as yourself can do better than that. [Edit: ... a sick, psychotic scumsucker such as yourself can do nothing else. Good riddance at Fox and with your incredibly shrinking radio audience/market and advertiser flight. We're keeping a running list of your commercial advertisers.] (Comments, edits mine.)
Have you noticed how Rightwingville's problem with women isn't (obviously) just confined to Glenn Beck, but more broadly, seems amazingly homogeneous? The pitiful sexual pathology of the wingnut male is drawn to vapid, unthreatening, leggy women, with skirts pulled up to their tailbones (is that a Fox "News" dress code?), and to a queen bee of sorts, their blonde fraulein dominatrix goddess, Megyn Kelly, with her eager beaver "I'm an anchor!" posture.

Wingnuts have a problem dealing with women as regular human beings. In my observation of these freakazoids, they were social outcasts incapable of connecting with women (must have something to do with their early upbringing), and frequently joined fraternities where they learned to conform and to reinforce antisocial behavior that objectifies women — because they're terrified of them.

You can see a window into the sick wingnut mind in our favorite wingnut rag, The Daily Caller. (I pity the wingnut women who must endure psychological bondage in order to fit in with this weird fraternity of sexual deviants.) The depravity starts right at the top. Tucker Swanson Carlson (who's funding your little operation, Swannie?) whom Rachel Maddow recently called a "friend" had no problem allowing his wanking subordinates to dredge up an old high school picture of Rachel — published eons ago by the Huff Post — and gratuitously posting before and after photos of Rachel to make some weird, specious wingnut point about her appearance: What, she's no longer blonde? ... Oh, the humanity!

I suspect it all comes down to an undersized equipment malfunction. Here's a prime example of the grandiose, overcompensating wingnut, the lecherous "manly man" who seems to think being Irish and a sexual predator are one and the same:

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