Monday, May 16, 2011

Couldn't Stand The Heat: The Donald And The History Huckster Drop Out

I, for one, am sad to see Donald Trump pull a reality check on his fake presidential campaign and quit the race before he is further humiliated and drops in the polls lower than Michele Bachmann and, more importantly, his show continues sliding in the ratings. NBC's president is already envisioning a "Celebrity Apprentice" without Trump, which must have terrified him. After his humiliating sendup on the White House Correspondents Dinner — a double-whammy from President Obama and SNL's Seth Meyers — which even made me wince (empathetically, I am loathe to admit) for Trump, his pretensions were over.

Then the final nail in the coffin was President Obama cutting into the grand finale of "Celebrity Apprentice" to announce the killing of bin Laden, also satirized by SNL — it was not bin Laden's but Trump's political grave they were dancing on. Donald Trump was completely humiliated, mocked and shown to be out of his depth. He may never recover from it in whatever he does going forward. Once exposed as a fraud and a clown, it's hard to recover, no matter how many fake millions Trump has.

Good riddance. It serves Trump right for glomming onto racism and birtherism. Didn't he say something about Karma? Bad Karma eventually catches up with you. Now he knows. Jason Linkins of the Huff Post gives him a fine sendoff. And Lawrence is sharpening his knives in the wings ... stay tuned.

In related news, Mike Huckabee the History Huckster announced he would not be running for president, even though he was leading in every early poll and was probably a cinch to win Iowa, with its social conservative religious caucus voters on the Right. Instead, Huckabee turned into a self-styled American history huckster, unveiling a bizarre fake history wingnut cartoon view of American history, in which Jimmy Carter, a Democrat, presided over an America whose values were sliding (hmm ... a mere 12 years after Democratic President Johnson signed the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts, extending the full benefits of citizenship to our African American residents) and scary black urban dwellers wearing "DISCO" T-shirts mugged you.

Then along comes Ronald Reagan and we have an enduring nightmare that has crippled our greatness and economy — a nightmare called "morning in America." Along the way, he talks about American exceptionalism when we defeated the Germans and the Japanese in World War II, without once mentioning the salient omission that it was under a Democratic president and administration that we vanquished not only the Great Depression but nazism and fascism.

But here's the good part; the silver lining. All those morons in the Huckster's employ who put together this crude, cartoonish revisionism/propaganda phony history of America failed to notice they had been PUNKED BIG-TIME by the hero cartoonist. If anything, this artist is the anti-Leni Riefenstahl. I was particularly taken with the grotesque depiction of their hero, nay GOD, Ronald Reagan as a cross between a toothless hillbilly and Frankenstein.

Your move, Huckster.

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