Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Thousands of Dead Birds And Fish In Arkansas, Sweden, Brazil, Japan

I’d love to strike fear in the hearts of the Teabaggers by positing that this is God’s punishment on them for voting the corporate Republicans in. I mean, every time there’s a natural disaster (Katrina, Haiti, the latest blizzard) whacko evangelicals have said it’s God’s punishment on Democrats or gays or liberals, or people of color, or the poor, etc.

So it’s only logical that when a Biblical Sign of the End Times happens in Arkansas, a red state that just voted in a slew of Teabagging Republicans, we must conclude God was not pleased with Arkansans. Or that he’s REALLY pissed at the Teabaggers for voting in the Republican Congress. It makes more sense than Pat Robertson’s homophobic rants about God’s punishment against gays.

But I don't really believe it. On the other hand, YOU NEVER KNOW. Even Chris Hayes is hedging his bets ... and Chris Hedges is making hay somewhere:

PS .—. Look for the Teabaggers (with their racist signs, and their guns, and their three-corner hats, and their diabetes, and their Medicare and Social Security) to be taking the DOWN ESCALATOR when the RAPTURE comes. I guess that's why they call it the RAPTURE: You get to see deserving villains take that Heat Wave journey down into the fires of Hades ... rapturous schadenfreude!

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