Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Keith PROBES The Conservative Mind: CAUTION! May Cause Tucker’s Brain To Explode

Following groundbreaking research commissioned by British actor Colin Firth, Keith Olbermann called upon the expertise of wingnut FEAR AND LOATHING scholar John Dean for his insight and perspective into the FRIGHTFULLY PRIMITIVE WINGNUT BRAIN. As a Nixon-Buchanan Watergate PARANOIA SURVIVOR, Dean provides a fascinating glimpse into the strange ALIEN world of the conservative mind:

(NOTE: Scientists have not yet succeeded in isolating Sarah Palin’s brain.)

Keith’s CONSERVATIVE MIND MELD was said to have resulted in violent convulsions over at the Daily Screamer as Ruthie broke out in hives and unconfirmed reports that Tucker Swanson’s brain reached critical mass could not be independently verified.

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