Friday, January 07, 2011

Chris Matthews Goes To Las Vegas And LITERALLY Sits Atop America’s Most Destitute

 You can’t make this stuff up. Today, Chris Matthews hosted Hardball from the Las Vegas Convention Center, spouting the usual Mathewsian nonsense about the “old Left” and bellowing to the climate controlled winds for “solutions” to the “digital divide.” Meanwhile, literally beneath his comfortable ass, America’s Les Misérables, hundreds of forgotten and forsaken men, women, and children eke out a terminal life-support existence in the dark, dank, humid and disease-ridden underground flood channels of Las Vegas.


Matthews carries on with his show in the Las Vegas Convention Center blissfullly unaware of what is occurring beneath his feet


… As desperately poor, destitute people struggle for survival on a day-by-day, hour-by-hour, minute-by-minute basis, below the glittering neon of the Vegas strip, relying on the kindness of strangers and individuals who try to help as best they can, where government is absent and MIA.

These are individual stories repeated thousands upon thousands of times throughout this land. Every time there is a foreclosure and a family is evicted from their home with little to no notice, where do they go? The lucky ones go back home to live with their parents. Others find rental apartments with what little funds are left them. Still others, “the New Homeless” (to coin a phrase Matthews should be using — if he’s going to pigeonhole people he should do it for the important stuff, too) end up living in their cars, vans, the streets, or crawl into the gutters of a great city like Las Vegas.

The rich irony of Chris Matthews taking another shot at the Left (he is, in essence, a Reagan Democrat whose smidgeon of conscience produces the schizoid political persona), the shallow Maria Batiromo of the collagen lips saying that “we need manufacturing” in this country, only because it’s the flavor du jour, since in earlier incarnations she was promoting the policies which created this economic devastation. David Corn, the voice of reason and reality from the Left, saying it (the death of manufacturing in America caused by Reagan and accelerated under Bush, who presided over the shutdown of a staggering 140,000 manufacturing companies in the U.S.), “it is all gone now.” And Chris, the so-called history buff, shrugging IT off, asking in his manic style: “so what do we do now?”

That is the question, isn’t it?

My suggestion would have been to shoot at least one segment on the tunnel people of Las Vegas, contrast that to the digital upscale conference in the Las Vegas Convention Center, and show Chris’s audience a stark metaphoric visual of the TWO AMERICAS, one literally sitting on top of the other. At least, that’s what I think Michael Moore would have done.

Because this is the reality of America today.

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