Sunday, January 02, 2011

Mickey Mouse Climate Zombies Defy Science Because … They’re “Paid To”

This has to be the most honest accidental slogan to emerge from Rightwingville: Wingnuts, at least the half-assed educated types, must take certain positions because they’re “paid to.” When it comes to science FACTS, no educated non-scientist can seriously deny the reality that climate change is caused by the massive release into the atmosphere of greenhouse gases produced by human activity. It would be tantamount to claiming humans walked with dinosaurs, because evangelicals say the Bible contradicts carbon dating.

So we get this from our favorite wingnut rag:

The answer is NO, not according to an overwhelming consensus of scientists. Not being one, but capable of critical thinking, I tend to place my faith in what scientists say about scientific phenomena, after absorbing the best available evidence and arguments. Honestly, I don’t understand these Luddite science deniers with their heads up their ass who yell and scream ‘hoax!’ every time there’s an extreme weather event like this east coast blizzard. First of all, extreme weather (heat waves, droughts, floods, blizzards), as opposed to “rainshowers” or a “dusting” of snow, are almost certainly a consequence of the systemic changes caused by the greenhouse effect in the atmosphere. To the extent these extreme weather events are unique by historical records, they provide supporting evidence for climate change. Second, weather and climate are two separate and distinct things. A single extreme weather event does not prove or disprove anything, one way or the other.

“Global warming” specifically refers to the progressive heating of the world’s average temperature each year. AND THAT HAS ALREADY BEEN ESTABLISHED: 2010 WAS THE WARMEST YEAR ON RECORD. Here’s NOAA, which the Teabaggers and wingnuts will no doubt say is in on the New World Order global conspiracy. Let Rachel's super-sub producer explain it all in the context of wingnut politics and ideology:

Curiously, most Republicans who now deny the science, once upon a time  held public views consistent with it. It was only with the emergence of the Teabaggers and their ignorant anti-science superstitions, that the politicians suddenly did an about-face. Not surprisingly, for the ignorant Astroturf Luddite Teabaggers who receive most of their money and marching orders from the oil and gas industry, climate change denial is an absolute article of faith.

Ironically, given the Teabaggers' political phobias, right wing anti-science is an ideological perversion that resembles communist attitudes to science. Like the wingnut fanatics who claim homosexuality is a disease and a choice, Soviet Russia abused psychiatry to persecute political prisoners with bogus insanity diagnoses, which also held homosexuality to be a mental illness. As much as the wingnuts try to make  mountains out of molehills based on a few leaked emails, the fact of the matter is, climate change is real, as an observable manifestation of more than a century of accumulated human activity pumping greenhouse gases into our planet's atmosphere. 

Wingnuts must compromise their college educations to submit and commit to Rightwingville anti-science. It helps if they don’t possess much of a conscience. As long as they’re “paid to” they will even make a case that the world is flat or that there were dinosaurs on Noah's Ark. Some wingnuts are ideological true believers; still, there must be others who are sufficiently educated to know in their heart of right wing hearts that the Teabagger position is ideological anti-science bullshit.

 Speaking of bullshit, New Jersey’s Blubbernor Christie returned from his excellent adventure in Disney World blowing enough hot air to melt his snowed-under driveway. Christie's response was typical of a Republican's attitude to government. Republicans are installed in office by rich special interests to undermine government, slash services to the poor and middle class, privatize everything (especially where kickbacks are the reward), and pass legislation that is not in the public, but the corporate interest. Still, for both the governor and Lt. Governor to go on vacation at the same time, leaving the state leaderless during an extreme blizzard state of emergency, hits a new low in laissez-faire government.

The wingnut rag did its best to defend the Blubbernor. They said he "put family first." Well, you know, Disney World isn't going anywhere; it's still there today, after the damage to the state was done. My favorite passage from the rag, this Freudian slip ... too much 'Christine' on their minds:

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