Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Room 112: The Insanity Congress, Day One (WE, THE CORPORATIONS)

Ayn Rand Disciple Gets to Set Budget Priorities Without Hearings

Budget Chairman Paul Ryan to set budgetary spending limits without debate. There's a nice bit of transparent 'gimme back my country' gubmint — Of, for, and by THE CORPORATIONS. Can you say 'CZAR' Teabaggers? I guess it's OK if it's on your side ... filthy hypocrites. Well, the average Teabagger is clueless; that's the sad part. It's the Tea Party corporate leadership and elected (bought and paid for) nutcases that are shills for the corporations.

It's scary how utterly clueless and misinformed the Fox viewers Tebaggers/wingnuts are.

'TEA PARTY' Candidates Hire Lobbyists as Chiefs of Staff

New Teabagger Representatives are now Hiring LOBBYISTS as Chiefs of Staff — Now there's the BEST Congress money (and the U.S. Chamber of Congre...uh, Commerce) can buy! Did you know this, Teabaggers? (You won't learn it from Beck or Fox News.) Watcha gonna do, call LOBBYIST BUSTERS?

The Issa Man Cometh

Witch doctor Darrell Issa, new Chairman of the House Government Oversight Committee to start witch hunt against Obama Administration. (That's why Bill Daley is being tapped as Obama's COS; a tough Chicago pol who can go toe-to-toe with the lunatics and Issas on the Right who would destroy this President. No more Mr. Nice Guy, we hope. As long as he stays out of policy discussions and concentrates on shellacking Darrell Issa.)

For The History Challenged Tebaggers Lurking Around, That's Senator Joe McCarthy.

Issa wrote 140 businesses specifically asking them which rules and regulations they would like to abolish. Oh, you know, regulations on food safety standards, higher benzene concentrations in water, toxic waste pollution, lifting of restrictions on greenhouse gases expelled into the atmosphere, relaxing oil drilling regs back to pre-BP days, that sort of thing. This guy's going on a wide net fishing expedition at taxpayer's expense.

Voodoo Economics 2.0 Codified as New House Rule

According to our disingenuous wingnut rag, The Daily Caller:

“Republicans do not believe that tax cuts are a form of spending, arguing that it is simply allowing taxpayers keep more of their own money. They further believe that over the mid- to long-term, tax cuts create more economic growth, leading to higher tax revenues.

Nonetheless, in the short term at the very least, tax cuts do decrease government revenues, widening the gap between what is coming into the Treasury’s coffers and that which is planned to go out in spending.”

In short, they’re back to the same trickle-down Reaganomics racket, which has been proven to be a complete FRAUD, a JOBS KILLER, and a DEFICIT EXPLODER.

Incoming Freshman Republican Tea Party Class

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