Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What Makes Some Republican Women Hot And Others, Well, Repulsive?

Hint: It’s not the looks.

The last couple of nights, Rachel had back-to-back Republican women on her show: The very lovely Meghan McCain and Nicolle Wallace. As a progressive made physically ill by the very sight of the repugnant Sharron Angle, I must admit Rachel was right saying “it won’t hurt a bit, I promise.” Just in case we decided to flip the channel to the ALCS and watch the Yanks get hammered by Texas. (As long as it’s not the 7th inning interregnum and they’re not playing that nauseating “God Bless America”— forget separation of church and state; how about separation of church and sports?)

So I stuck with Rachel, while Keith was probably freezing his butt off at the stadium as the hated Yankees went down 3-1 to the Texas Rangers. Countdown guest host Cenk Uygur was grateful for his rescue from the Ratigan Gulag, bubbling cleverly about his “honor” to host “the house that Keith Olbermann built.” Rachel replied tartly, now “we’ll have to live in this house,” as if on cue for our standard MSNBC graphic:

Cenk did a fine job. He seemed relieved at not having to kiss Dylan’s ass. The suits should reward him with his own show. For a progressive to participate in that conservative mole’s show and pretend to be chummy is tantamount to cruel and unusual punishment, with sentence reduced to hazing by paycheck.

Anyway, back to the Republican women. Meghan at this point is the only thing that stands between Gramps McCain and the Dark Side fires of wingnut Hell. She is a testament to the aphorism that children should not be held responsible for the sins of their fathers. And she wears the wingnut gutter invective against her and her body as a badge of honor, which is very cool. Meghan said a lot of girls who endure the same kind of cruel teasing and taunts outside a political context look up to her, and she’s not about to let them down.

Nicolle Wallace worked in the Bush White House and was one of John McCain’s top campaign aides. When Sarah Palin went “rogue” on the campaign, Wallace was blamed (by the Palins) for the fallout in the media. Displaying amazing class, Wallace said “when people (the Palins) want to throw me under the bus, my belief is the most honorable thing is to lie there.” She was fatalistic about the “indignities” she suffered, noting “that’s what you sign up for.” In politics, she said, “you have to be willing to take the fall.”

Two great Republican women. Honest, intelligent, thoughtful, who can laugh at themselves and are the antithesis of the wingnut dogma, intolerance and bigotry, that is spreading like wildfire through their party. The essential difference in them versus Palin, O’Donnell, Angle and Bachmann (to name a few) in a word is: CLASS.

Here’s the interview. I think Nicolle Wallace is HOT (in the best meaning of the word) … See for yourself:

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